Fixes & Migration

ZRace Update Version 3.7.0 Released:

Our latest release includes important fixes for the profile page, addressing issues with TT competition display, race presentation order, and user category identification.

Additionally, we've migrated to a new cloud service provider to reduce costs. If you encounter any issues, please use the feedback button to report them.

Also, consider donating to help keep our services running. Our app is non-profit and ad-free, so your support is greatly appreciated. You can find donation information in the About section.

Enhanced Profile Page

ZRace Update Version 3.6.2 Released:

Our latest release brings great improvements and we have to thank Wesley Stocker for sending us these suggestions!

Now on the profile page, we've implemented a drill-down feature on the charts of Results, W/kg, and Watts. This means you can access your past races just by clicking directly on the chart. And now, finally, when you open an event, we'll check your category and load the event directly in your category.

Race Chat Room

ZRace Update Version 3.6 Released:

Race Chat Room is the space where you can talk about the race you want to participate in. One chat room per race! It's the perfect place to discuss and share insights before and after the event. Join now and don't miss out on what's happening!

Meet your opponent

ZRace Update Version 3.5 Released:

This update includes competitor profile detailing and comparison, enhancement of the user power profile chart, and identification of your profile as a cyclist based on your power data.

Sign Up and enjoy!

Power Profile:

ZRace Update Version 3.4 Released:

Access your Power Profile in your ZRace account to gain insights into your cycling abilities.

Discover your talent as an All-Rounder, Sprinter, Time Trialist/Climber, or Pursuiter. Compare your values to other cyclists and identify areas for improvement by highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. Register

ZRace Rebuild:

ZRace Update Version 3.0 Released:

Welcome to the new and rebuilt ZRace version 3 Corsa! Now we gained some watts and we will keep the rubber side down! read more